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Content Creation – The Ultimate Persona

To directly target my content, how do I create a persona? My target is a female born 1981 to 2000 that seeks to be an entrepreneur interested in developing a business online but unsure of where to start her business and what content to create. Meet Samantha, a 32-year-old female born between 1981 and 2000.…

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Finding the Right Niche

A niche is an area of interest or product group. An example of an exciting niche would be dog training, a product group niche could,for example, be electric lighting. Both niches are things that people search for on the Internet, and both of these niches aresearched for because people have problems that they want to…

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The Metaverse! How do we use it?

Being a Boomer in this digital age can often be very trying!  I have spent the last 4 years keeping up with all that is smart and shiny in the digital world, teaching myself to write bots and taking advantage of their infancy only to see their power supercede when Facebook decided that they would…

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