The Metaverse! How do we use it?

Being a Boomer in this digital age can often be very trying!  I have spent the last 4 years keeping up with all that is smart and shiny in the digital world, teaching myself to write bots and taking advantage of their infancy only to see their power supercede when Facebook decided that they would change the rules!

Then came the changes with the IOS rules and so it goes on, but now the interest is in NFT’s and the Metaverse.



What is it you ask?

I like to think that with all the research and practise I have had with technology over the last few years I had good grasp on what was going to be the latest innovations in technology and how I can put them to good use. But when I first thought about taking a deep dive into the metaverse, I will say that I am somewhat confused about what it was, and how to even get started. But trusting as I am that it will be necessary for me to learn all about this new sphere I am delving in and will keep reporting on what I find and how it can assist or better your journey in this crazy new world of Web3.0.

The metaverse is best described as a merging of virtual, augmented, and physical reality, and completely blurs any line that look you could define between your interactions online and our real life.

In essence, it is a collection of platforms, such as Sandbox, Mirandus, and Decentraland, through which people can interact in different ways. Interest has soared since Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would become Meta. He has also announced that he intends to be spending at least $10 billion on the metaverse.

The metaverse has already inspired companies to start new ventures as more people begin to place their bets on a future embedded in it.

Facebook’s metaverse vision will include users with Oculus VR headsets, or augmented reality glasses, a great history on the path of VR headsets is here describing how long we have book looking into this amazing new world!


It reminds me of a movie set called The Matrix, our worlds are as we want them to be and we have the decision as to what dreams you make true and where the path of life will take you.  One wonders if you would ever want to leave once there, to come back to what we currently have?  Is that what they are hoping for?

The sales of land and setting up shops and businesses inside the metaverse are all very intriguing but how they stack up as currently options to invest in and secure your future business is yet to be decided.

Why would you look at the Metaverse as a business option?

It has been suggested that Mark Zuckerburg wants to create a metaverse. Facebook has launched Horizon, a social networking application in which avatars can work and play together within a simple virtual environment. Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO has been quoted as saying “We are creating the world of the future here.” With these two power players do we see that as a sign that it is and will be the future?

What would you create in the Metaverse?  How would your current business exist in this new world of Web3.0?

Let’s contemplate the success one would have with some examples and see what opportunities you may have to start setting up your teams to build in the new Web3.0:

  1. Sponsorship of events and concerts: Gary Vee has set up a complete set of NFT’s to be used for a plethora of opportunities for potentially profitable sponsorships, event marketing and much more.  You can purchase an NFT to allow you to enter a particular event anywhere it is held! Amazing!
  2. Games: Games have been a strong existence right back to the first IBM PC, formally known as the IBM Model 5150.  With the in-depth technology within the gaming industry and the fast pace it has been moving over recent years with online gamers interacting online in games such as “Call of Duty” it has been  certainly been an undoubtable plan to move into the metaverse. Looking into this world for your next move?  Check out the ads on Fiverr and you will see how quickly you can join the world on the Metaverse!
  3. Digital-only products: The opportunities are endless to develop products in the digital world of Web3.0. It looks like the Metaverse will allow you to have in Web3.0 any dream you may have in the real world and turn it into an existence in the metaverse, whether it be diamonds (, new homes with all the bells & whistles, sports cars, and I am sure many products we are still to invent.
  4. Remote work: It has become evident within many working environments that remote work will survive and flourish in the metaverse. Just like when we all experienced Covid-19 lockdowns the world changed and grew to boundaryless expectations. The question is will co-working spaces, meetings with the ability of simulated training work for your business?

Zoom broke through all resistance through Covid-19 and now we have so many more options to choose from in this sector, all within a year of Zoom’s success.  This technology alone gave companies and their workers new ways to collaborate online in virtual reality spaces.

Where to from here?  I will follow up on my experiences and decisions on how to move into this new existence of Web3.0 so stay tuned, hit the like button, follow me and do all those great options we currently have to stay in touch.